Welcome to my world of romance and sexy adventures! Do you enjoy witty dialogue, dramatic twists, and of course handsome heroes in your romance? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Makeover time for Ariella’s Escape: New covers for all the books in the series!



A steamy romance set in a world of violence and betrayal…

Ariella believes that the life of a warrior baroness should include indulging in wine and men whenever they’re on offer…

And in Chaldea, the capital of the old empire, they certainly are.

Especially the man she finds in her bedchamber, a slave provided by her hosts to entertain her in any way she wishes.

But when betrayed and surrounded by enemies in a strange land, there is only one man she can trust… the slave who was meant only for her pleasure but is much more than he seems.

Demetrius was captured in battle at the age of fifteen, and slavery was all he has known in his adult life. When his chance for freedom comes along, his fate is bound to the noble warrior maiden whose voice and body he cannot resist. Duty calls him to return to his kingdom, but the journey will take him places that will change him forever.

Together, they make their way through a den of thieves and an enchanted elf forest, but the biggest danger of all may be their fiery attraction to each other and the secret that will draw a dividing line between them.

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Ariella’s Escape

Ariella’s Rebellion

Ariella’s Nemesis (coming October 2018)

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Desi (The Greyhounds of Sorrento Book 1)

A family curse...A magical legacy...And a woman who can break the spell.

Find out more about Desi here.

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