Welcome to my world of romance and sexy adventures! Do you enjoy witty dialogue, dramatic twists, and of course handsome heroes in your romance? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Coming February 14th: Ariella’s Rebellion (Book 2 of the Stars at Zenith Trilogy)

Ariella's Rebellion 3D Image of Book Cover.png

Demetrius and Ariella’s story continues…

Ariella faces off with Demetrius’ fiancee, the volatile Duchess Edoline. Although Demetrius goes to great lengths to make Ariella feel welcome while she recovers from her wound, his mother, the queen of Sylcadia, plots to remove the unruly warrior woman from her royal palace.

But while Demetrius is in danger from struggling with his own demons, Ariella knows she can save him, even if it means risking the queen’s wrath and never seeing him again.

She flees the royal palace to the anonymous world of the border lands.

Concealing her identity, she must prove herself in the brutal world of robbers and nomadic tribesmen, forging new alliances while her old friends try to find her and Demetrius learns the truth about why she left.

Revenge is the only thing on her mind, but love won’t let her go.

Ariella’s Rebellion is now available for pre-order on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Australia, and all other Amazon stores.

Ariella’s Escape (Book 1 of the Stars at Zenith Trilogy)

Ariella's Escape 3D Image of Book Cover

Ariella had always believed that the life of a warrior should include indulging in wine and men whenever they were on offer… And in Chaldea, the capital of the old empire, they certainly were…

Especially the man she finds in her bedchamber, a slave provided by her hosts to entertain her in any way she wishes.

But when betrayed and surrounded by enemies in a strange land, there is only one man she can trust… the slave who was meant only for her pleasure but is much more than he seems.

Find out more about Ariella’s Escape here.

Uniform Desire

Do you get a buzz from seeing a lover in uniform? Uniform Desire is packed with stories for uniform loving romance readers! From taboo sex to modern day threesomes, from a werewolf to a firefighter, there’s something for everyone in this anthology of eleven very different sexy, kinky stories!

uniform anthology

Grab your copy at Amazon.com, Amazon Canada, or Amazon UK

Engaged to the Earl

engaged to the earl 3.inddIt’s an arranged marriage, but young Martha Darrington wants to do a little arranging of her own.

Her fiance is an arrogant knave, and she will not marry him until he has learned to love her.

But is Martha getting just a little carried away in her romance with her own servant? Maybe she could find a way to satisfy all their desires…

Read an excerpt and reviews of Engaged to the Earl here.


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