Inspired by a Lock of Hair

Here he was, the man who had once tormented my dreams and my waking life, lying naked upon the bed, shackled hand and foot to its four pillars.

“Baron Robert Petre,” I said rather more formally than the occasion required. I had entered the room dressed merely in my undergarments and petticoats, the better to torment him…

These are the opening lines of my short story “Belinda’s Revenge,” which was inspired by the classic poem “The Rape of the Lock.”

What struck me at once about this poem is the personality of the heroine, Belinda.

Aubrey Beardsley - The Billet-Doux_ from The Rape of the Lock

She is fashionable woman who has many admirers, and the poet portrays her as being a little spoiled and superficial. When one of her admirers, the Baron, cuts off a lock of her hair, Belinda takes matters into her own hands. Although she does not succeed in reclaiming the stolen lock, I admired her spirit and was inspired to write the sequel to Rape of the Lock in which Belinda has her revenge on the Baron.

Belinda’s Revenge is now available at the New Concepts Publishing website and on Smashwords.


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