Sleeping Beauty by Anne Roquelaure: Erotic Book Review Summary

I’m afraid my experience hasn’t improved since my last post. For me, the problem with this novel was that it normalizes nudity, punishment, and even rape. All of these things cease to be shocking and just become kind of a boring routine for the reader, even though there is some variation in terms of which slave gets punished, who gets to spank them, and so forth.

A good erotic tale must have some level of teasing, or suspense. Instead, Sleeping Beauty turns it on full blast and doesn’t let up, making the supposedly sexy scenes completely dull.


The plot doesn’t plod along so much as crawl along, similar to the way beauty must crawl around on all fours at all times like a giant baby. It’s not sexy, just tedious.

Anyway, I was hoping to say more about this book, but I found it impossible to read on. If there is anyone out there who has read some or all of the trilogy, please let me know in the comments. And if you believe I have misjudged this novel, please persuade me to read on. I value your opinion!


3 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty by Anne Roquelaure: Erotic Book Review Summary

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t end up liking it. I think Annne Rice just wanted to write something with a lot of outrageous sex scenes so that’s what she did. It was probably more fun to write than it is for us to read but I just took it for what it is, a kind of wacky experiment!


  2. I read the trilogy years ago after reading Rice’s “Belinda” and “Exit to Eden.” I don’t remember much about the Sleeping Beauty trilogy except that I was underwhelmed and disappointed. That’s what I remember most about the trilogy: it did nothing for me. 😦

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