Mastering the Lady: Pillaged by Vikings

Are Vikings sexy? Sure, they may smell a little fishy, and their bloodstained tunics with the sweat of five days’ worth of sailing might not be everyone’s cup of mead.

Yet Vikings have a certain berserker charm. Maybe it’s their “take what you want, give nothing back” attitude. Maybe it’s their aggressive masculinity. Whatever it is, Vikings definitely have sex appeal and interesting hairdos.

Vikings: The History Channel show

When I downloaded the short story “Mastering the Lady: Pillaged by Vikings,” I realized that ‘pillaged’ is code for gang banged. This story was disgusting, filthy, dirty, and I liked it!

The main character is Elizabeth, Lady of Stronsay. When her husband is away, and the castle is attacked by vikings, Elizabeth sacrifices herself to protect her loyal servants.

The vikings completely possess her body in every way, but is it really a sacrifice when the lady begins to enjoy it?

This was no longer about her servants or the men surrounding her. This was about her, yielding to her very nature.pillaged by vikings

I’m currently working on some erotic shorts of my own, and I am really getting into this genre.

So, what are some things I learned?

1. “Don’t take my people, take me instead” is a good way to initiate a Viking gang bang, if you’re into that kind of thing.

2. It takes about 4-5 Vikings to satisfy a “sinful” woman.

3. I look forward to reading more of the “Pillaged by Vikings” series!

So, dear reader, do you think Vikings are sexy?…


3 thoughts on “Mastering the Lady: Pillaged by Vikings

  1. Sounds like a great take! 😀 😉 I have been wanting to watch Vikings (the series) on Netflix. And you just reminded me of that! 🙂 I have heard that it is a good one!. So I´ll have to give it a try!.
    Thank you for sharing this post. Love & best wishes, dear Carolee!


  2. Your writing is hilarious! I don’t think most erotica writers like to advertise Vikings’ fishy smell 🙂 But yes aside from the fishiness, Vikings are sexy beasts.

    Liked by 2 people

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