Engaged to the Earl Now Available on Amazon

Just because she’s engaged doesn’t mean she can’t have a little fun…

Martha Darrington tries to resist the advances of her handsome servant, but their passion for each other is too strong:

“Oh, there are other ways to please you,” Tom said with a playful smile.
He still gazed at me in that hypnotizing way, and now his hands completed the magic spell, caressing my breasts so gently yet so tantalizingly as to put me in a trance. All I could do was utter faint moans of pleasure.
His mouth then joined in, consuming the tips of my nipples, sucking them with gentle attention to each one. His tongue quested up and down each breast, then down to my belly. I felt so desired and beautiful.
He proceeded even lower, licking and nibbling at my thighs. I laughed at the tickling sensation then gasped in shock and renewed pleasure as his tongue alighted on my clitoris. He licked this sweet spot of desire again and again, and my entire body responded with shivers of delight.
The way his lips grazed the inside of my thigh, such a light touch, so filled with latent passion, nearly drove me to distraction.
I wanted to moan out loud but feared being discovered. Suppressing my voice gave me no release of any kind and made the sensation even more intense. I squirmed as his tongue continued to play with me, sometimes questing inside me and filling me up in such a satisfying way, sometimes circling my clitoris, teasing me by avoiding that very pleasure-giving spot in its center.
I nearly screamed out loud when suddenly he placed his whole mouth against it, sucking intensely on my delicate little mound. I wanted to tell him to stop, that it was too much, but then I felt the beginning of some strange new sensation that made me forget everything else. I felt the blood rushing toward my sex as if Tom were a vampire sucking it all from my body. I closed my eyes, feeling the onslaught of a great cascade of pleasure.

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