Twilight in Tofino

I’ve been revisiting the Twilight movies lately. I wasn’t even sure why I had an urge to do it, not being a serious Twihard. But then I realized I was homesick for the mystical forests of Canada’s west coast.

Much of the series was filmed around Vancouver and its suburbs.


When I first saw Twilight and New Moon, I hadn’t been to Tofino, a small town on Vancouver Island famous for its surfing beaches.


When I saw the movies now, I actually recognized the exact places I had been. These appear in the first movie, in the scene where Jacob first tells Bella about the “legend” of the vampires, and in New Moon, when he rescues her after her attempt at cliff diving.

I’m team Jacob all the way. Just look at those muscles!

As I reminisced about the BC wilderness, I also found new things to enjoy about the story. No matter how much “serious writers” may scoff at the supposed shallowness of the Twilight series, there is so much to learn here for both beginner and professional romance writers.

Of course, I prefer somewhat more action-packed romance with heroes who are decisive and don’t run away from the heroine (ahem, Edward!).

But no matter how annoying the main characters are, there is definite emotional and sexual tension here. It’s well portrayed in both the books and the movies, and that’s what draws millions of readers to the series. It’s like a constant dance in which every tiny gesture either draws Bella and Edward together or pushes them apart (with Jacob butting in all the time!) It’s not easy to maintain such drawn-out and tortuous erotic tension throughout an entire series, but that’s what good romance writing is all about.


4 thoughts on “Twilight in Tofino

  1. I live in BC and adore Tofino ~ especially at this time of year! You know what I think I still adore the Twilight movies. Jacob, Edward, and Bella ❤ Lovely to see that you've enjoyed both scenery and the fictional tales 🙂


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