Cute Shifter Romance: Squirrels?

nuts about you kate lowellKate Lowell’s Nutty Romances series is not for the faint-hearted. This series features alpha males getting downright savage and animalistic. It’s a M/M romance that is all about… squirrels.

Yes, the main character is a squirrel shifter. Nathan works at a bulk food store, and his favorite customer is a man named Vince who comes in quite often to refill his bird feeders. What Vince doesn’t know is that Nathan has been depleting the feeders around his home while peeking into his windows in squirrel form. A little creepy, yes, but also hilarious:

Nathan found his own furry paw heading south, as if it and his cock had minds of their own and were conspiring together. He shook his head and pulled his paw back. It might be called ‘spanking the monkey’ but animal form was not the one to be doing it  in. Claws, Nathan, remember the claws. To avoid any unintended injuries, he gripped his tail tightly and leaned further out to get a better view.

alpha squirrel romanceIt’s a really sexy and cute story that creates a world of its own, adding nice touches like squirrel interjections: “Oh my walnuts!”

I had been planning to write a shifter story about a cute animal, and luckily I came across the Nutty Romances. I was so happy to see that these exist!

So, I would love to know if any of you would enjoy a cute shifter romance? Or do you still prefer the macho werewolf type? I’m really curious, so please let me know in the comments!


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