Spicy Short: The Vampire’s Lair

An excerpt from my new story:

He insisted on walking her home, but when he said goodbye at the end of the night, he didn’t give her any kind of signal. He simply kissed her hand like he had done the first time they met. Liv didn’t know what to make of it. Either he was extremely shy or he was really a vampire and did not want to get involved with a human.

She walked up the steps and inserted the key into the lock, when she heard her name being called.

Dameon was walking back up the little path that led to her house.

I forgot something,” he said.

Liv opened her mouth to ask what it was, but her lips made no sound. Before she could speak, his lips were melded to hers, and his arms were holding her tightly, embracing the contours of her waist. She was breathless. She had pictured this moment, but the reality was far more exciting than the fantasy.

His delicious breath caressed her cheek. His lips and his tongue sought entry to her very soul. It was the most dizzying kiss she had ever experienced, and she dove deeply into it, wanting more and more of him.

Then, just as suddenly as it had begun, the kiss ended, and Dameon disappeared into the night. Did he really have a cloak of darkness around him, or had that kiss just made her black out for a moment and miss his departure?

If you’re a fan of vampires, check out my new short story, now available from New Concepts Publishing. Click here to read more.




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