Just when you thought you could avoid looking ridiculous…

see_no_evil_hear_no_evil_pryor_wilderSometimes when you’re a broke writer and you don’t have any real TV channels, you end up watching a movie like See no Evil, Hear no Evil on Netflix.

This was quite an 80s throwback, in the days before political correctness, when it was okay to derive humor from the two main characters having disabilities: one is deaf and the other is blind! That being said, it wasn’t a bad film.

Richard Pryor’s character insists on doing everything without any help and ends up in some ridiculous situations. Some would argue that it sends the wrong message for him to deny his disability. But I respected his desire to be treated just like anyone else and to be independent.

There are some really funny gags, as when the blind Richard Pryor got into a bar fight, Gene Wilder would shout out things like “six o’clock” to help him aim his punches.

But the most memorable scene for me was when the two are talking about what they want out of life.

“I just want to get through it without looking ridiculous,” Gene Wilder says.

“Well, I got news for you,” Richard Pryor says, and he tips his ice cream onto his friend’s head.


It was a good reminder for me that it’s okay to look ridiculous. It’s going to happen at some point anyways, so you might as well roll with it.

Whether you’re pursuing a career as a writer, or just doing anything out of the ordinary, many people will see you as acting in a ridiculous way, or they will look down on you. But don’t let that stop you.

Even a legendary best-selling writer like Stephen King has reported that he sometimes meets with patronizing attitudes when he encounters business travelers at the airport, for example, who say things like “my wife reads your books.”


So, I just think there is no way you can go out and look wonderful to everyone all the time. The important thing is to be able to laugh at yourself, but also on a deeper level, feel good about yourself. That way, even an ice cream on your head or a pie in the face is not going to ruin your day.

Follow your vision… whatever it may be!



5 thoughts on “Just when you thought you could avoid looking ridiculous…

  1. I haven’t seen the movie but totally get about looking silly sometimes 😉 It took me a long time to realize it’s okay to laugh at myself – and, in fact, life is a lot more fun when I do so! HUGS


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