Book Review: Loving Lady Lazuli by Shehanne Moore

You would think that an English duke wouldn’t get in trouble after a mysterious woman kisses him and plants the family jewels (no pun intended), which she had just stolen, in his pocket. But unfortunately, Devorlane Hawley is the black sheep of the family, and his father assumes he is guilty and ships him off to the army.

Devorlane has never forgiven that thief. And he’s never forgotten that kiss.

dev and saff new meme.png

lovingladylazuli_byshehannemoore-printmasterOn his return from the wars, whom does he see at his homecoming soiree but that very same thief? And how is he going to exact his revenge if all he wants to do is resume that kiss from ten years ago?

Loving Lady Lazuli is such a passionate novel. I really enjoyed how the fine line between anger and sexual tension played out between Devorlane, who is madly attracted to the woman who ruined his life and Cassidy, aka Sapphire, the famous but reluctant jewel thief, who simply wants to regain her family lands, which happen to be right next to Devorlane’s.

With such an exciting encounter at the very opening, I wondered where the plot was going to go without ending too abruptly. And Shehanne Moore did an excellent job sustaining the tension between the two characters. To Cassidy’s surprise, Devorlane helps her bury her former accomplice’s dead body, which seemed to serve as a great bonding experience for these two happy campers.


And sooner than I thought, they took things into the bedroom (and sometimes the library!), but only because it was part of Devorlane’s plan for revenge and Cassidy’s plan to prove her rights to her family’s estate.


Things get really interesting from there! When Cassidy becomes Devorlane’s mistress, they both think it’s purely business, but with both of them trying to control things in the bedroom, we get some amazingly nuanced love scenes that are by turns funny, steamy, and outrageous.

Those scenes make for the most amazing parts of the novel as the wars between Devorlane and Cassidy are waged in scorching hot sexual encounters.

I’m becoming a big fan of Ms. Moore’s work as I discover more and more of her unique scenes and roguish but loveable characters. The last Shehanne Moore novel I read, The Viking and the Courtesan won me over with its humour and sweeping adventure, whereas Loving Lady Lazuli seduced me with its sultry and sinful pleasures. I can’t wait to read Ms. Moore’s other novels!

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carolee 1.pngLoving Lady Lazuli is part of a series that features other seductive jewel thieves. More on the Starkadder sisterhood at these links:

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36 thoughts on “Book Review: Loving Lady Lazuli by Shehanne Moore

  1. Oh what a great review!! So nice to see Shehanne’s writing getting the praise it deserves. I recently read The Viking and The Courtesan and loved it. You’re right Carolee that she crafts lovable characters 🙂


  2. Carolee, this is one amazing review. You really give a review what you give your books, that’s a thoroughness–all angles covered– in a small space if you get me. I can’t thak you enough for this. it is a lovely lovely review to have. Sure the dudes will be on it in their next post! (AS well as Viking bed slaves…) You have totally made my day xxxxxxx


    1. I’m glad I made your day, dear lady! I do try to cover most angles of the book without giving too much away. If there’s one thing I hate it’s reviews that give away the whole story, kind of like a lot of movie trailers. Looking forward to the dudes’ take on it — I’m pretty sure they’ll be shocked and outraged. 🙂


        1. Know what? I dunno if I am proper but I can tell I only got into this same social media stuff cos I was contractually obliged. I did think… what crap. But I have met wonderful folk on here, More supportive true and kind than many I knew before or counted as friends. And yes, it has taught me a lot about the world, always for the better, cos they are also wonderfully talented and don’t grudge a thing.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Before all this I just used twitter to follow sports and news. I gave up on Facebook ages ago. I went on WordPress originally because when tweeted the blog posts look more marketable on twitter. What has surprised me is that although nothing to do with business, just how worth chatting with people on WordPress are. I mean, here I am chatting with a writer and I don’t really read books. It seems bloggers support each other.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I think bloggers do support each other. I certainly find they do. I love chatting to folks on here. They often brighten a dull day and I’ve had plenty giggles, often with your dad. And actually it can help your business in ways you may not see or consider.
              Before all this I never had any social media accounts so join the club!

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                1. I think it ‘s the personal connection with people, the fact you can tag posts and people pick up on them. If they like what they see and hear, then they want to know more. I read an article lately about the importance for authors of blogging, of engaging with people. I couldn’t have agreed more with it. It said a lot of true things.

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                  1. I think after Christmas, about February when I release at least one of the two new albums I’m working on wordpress will be a great place to get feedback and maybe some sales. I really never thought I’d engage on social media adter giving up facebook ages ago. You’re right it is a good place.

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                2. Yes, I think just trying to get people’s attention today is an amazingly difficult feat, with all the information and stuff that’s out there, and somehow it works so much better when you put your genuine thoughts out on your blog or twitter, it really brings like-minded people together.

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                  1. I agree. I had my doubts at first but with an online business social media is all. It’s been good to chat and engage with some really nice people like you knowing that there’s no attempt to sell something (I hate people trying to sell me things) yet still build up a presence out there.


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