Book Review of Unavoidable: a Contemporary Royal Romance (Royal affairs series Book 1)

unavoidableThis novella takes place in the fictional kingdom of Justana, which I thought was a refreshing setting and more interesting than using a real country, but I would have liked to see more things that were unique to Justana, such as some interesting cultural traditions or something about the people or the language.

The hero is an athletic-looking bike courier who is unlucky or lucky enough, depending on  how you look at it, to get hit by a princess’s limo. I immediately liked Dylan even though he is at times annoyingly self-righteous about standing up for the common folk, but this hero’s heart is in the right place.

Princess Lucille was also a likable character who felt very real to me and even managed to go through some growth over the course of the novella. The incident with hitting the bike courier made her think about those less fortunate, and she starts to do volunteer work at various charities. That’s how she meets Dylan again, and they realize that they’re attracted to each other.

My only quibble is with the lack of romance in the second half of the story. After the excitement of Dylan getting hit by a limo, things get less exciting and just kind of ordinary as Lucille and Dylan go on their first date. Aside from the fact that she’s a princess who is not supposed to be dating a commoner, there is not much to make their encounter unique. Also, the sex scene felt a bit awkward, with Lucille being too nervous about the whole procedure so much so that it almost seemed like it was barely enjoyable for her.

This story is part of a series, and there is an interesting development at the end which creates a cliffhanger ending and makes me want to read the next book to see how it all turned out. Overall, Unavoidable had a promising beginning, slightly saggy middle despite the sex scene, and an intriguing ending. I would give this one three out of five stars.

You can purchase it by clicking here at or here on Amazon UK.



7 thoughts on “Book Review of Unavoidable: a Contemporary Royal Romance (Royal affairs series Book 1)

        1. Thank you, Mike! I don’t like to completely rip a book apart if I can help it unless it’s really terrible. Being an author myself, I wouldn’t like that done to me, though I haven’t had a one-star review yet. If I got one, I hope I would be able to laugh it off or take the criticism on board if it was warranted.

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