Guardians Trilogy: Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts

stars-of-fortuneThose who have been reading my blog know I’ve been living in a fantasy world lately, and I like it very much here, so I’m continuing my streak with Nora Roberts’s Stars of Fortune.

A stunning paranormal romance set on the Greek island of Corfu, Stars of Fortune is a bit like a really long vacation. If you’re tired of winter and longing for beaches and sunlight, it’s the next best thing. The characters enjoy luxuriating in a seaside villa with a few battles against the forces of an evil goddess thrown in, but mostly it’s just an exotic visit to paradise.

Sasha Riggs is a painter who just wants a quiet life in her North Carolina cabin in the woods, or so she thinks. But she can’t get these mysterious visions out of her mind. She puts them on the canvas instead, five interesting-looking people who battle along side her in some strange locations.

Finally, she recognizes the place as Corfu, Greece, and she realizes that she has no choice but to follow those visions, even though they reek of danger… and suntan lotion.

It’s there that she meets the first member of the crew, Riley, an archaeologist who tells her about the legend of the Stars of Fortune. Sasha learns that they have to find the stars before the evil goddess Nerezza gets them and uses them to enslave humanity.

the_seer_by_zemotionI could really relate to Sasha as she is a very sensitive person like yours truly, and she just wanted a peaceful life, but as fate would have it, she has to see the quest through to the end otherwise those visions will never leave her alone.

Riley on the other hand was my least favorite character. Like a female Indiana Jones without the scholarly charm of Harrison Ford, she struts around spouting cliches and driving way too fast, terrifying my poor Sasha for no good reason. It’s not like they were being chased by anybody!

Next, we meet Bran Killian, an Irish magician. He is a dark and handsome guy with real magical powers, and amazingly, not a jerkball. There is an instant attraction between him and Sasha, and he encourages her to use her own psychic powers rather than try to fight them.

The three of them set up base in a villa by the sea, and soon they meet the rest of their team mates, brought to them by fate. Annika is a real girly-girl, very playful and innocent. It’s clear she’s not of this world, but nobody can figure out where she came from. This is something that isn’t revealed till the end, so I won’t spoil it for you. Then there’s Sawyer, a Texan with a magical compass and a legacy left by his grandfather. I found both Annika and Sawyer quite adorable, and I can’t wait to read more about them in the next book.

The last to join the team is a guy called Doyle. He rides a motorcycle and carries a sword, so how could I not like him? Too bad Riley seems to have latched on to him (although so far I don’t see him reciprocating, and I don’t blame him), and I expect they will be the focus of the third installment in the trilogy. Despite all that, the story of Sasha and  Bran’s romance was thoroughly enjoyable. They had the perfect combination of humour, passion, and sexual tension, and they both grew and learned things from each other. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more in the series.


8 thoughts on “Guardians Trilogy: Stars of Fortune by Nora Roberts

  1. It sounds like quite the romantic book one, indeed! I have a friend who likes Nora Roberts so I’ll send this review her way in case it’s one she hasn’t read yet. Is it a new series? Happy weekend, C 🙂


    1. Yes, it’s nice to finally have a good contemporary book after a few misses. I do try to behave myself in my reviews, knowing that other authors have feelings too 🙂 I wasn’t very nice about Riley, but I think that’s justified as she was quite an annoying character.

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