Uniform Desire, a Very Hot Erotic Collection

Do you dream of a lover in uniform?

sexy police
Probably the Channing Tatum kind, but hey I’m not saying Jonah Hill isn’t cute in his own way.

Uniform Desire is a collection of erotic tales to fulfill your naughty fantasies… or inspire new ones.

uniform anthology

I’m so excited that my story, An Officer and a Werewolf is part of this collection. Have a look at the stories below…


sexy cop.jpgAlicia Greenfield doesn’t believe in werewolves or in gentlemen…

until she meets a man who is both. A police officer who rescues her in the midst of the Arizona desert steals her heart with his southern charm, but she’s in for a dangerous ride when she comes between the werewolf and his jealous ex-girlfriend.


THE PROMISE by Heather Walker

sexy priest gabriel byrne stigmataLily Labelle has a guilty confession to make; she lusts after the handsome Father Zachary Blackthorne. But when Lily finally summons the courage to enter the confessional, Father Zac’s reaction is surprising, yet delicious.


the rock soldier.jpgBree’s best friend, Holly, is a handful, and Bree tries to protect her from harm. In a bar, Bree meets Chase, whilst Holly is dancing with Tom, her man of the night. To ensure Holly is safe, Bree accepts Chase’s offer for the four of them to go to his apartment and, while Holly and Tom go for it in the bedroom, Bree and Chase get to know each other. A Navy SEAL, Chase is deployed for eight months, but will his return be all that Bree hopes for?


After Dustin’s fall from his horse he grudgingly accepts Karena as his nurse, but complains that the pants suit uniform she wears doesn’t help with his rehabilitation. Finally sick of Dustin’s attitude, Karena surprises Dustin with a change of uniform, with dynamite results!

ROOM 605 by Deborah Kelsey

Deborah and Jon are about to meet in person for the first time. Can they build on their long distance online relationship or will nerves get the better of them? What lies in store behind the door of Room 605?

HEARTS ABLAZE by Selkie McKatrick

Blaize and Toni were lovers years ago, and are flung together again, when Toni is brought in to investigate a possible insurance fraud following a fire at a rich girl’s home, and Blaize is accused of starting the fire. Toni still has feelings for Blaize and works to prove him innocent – but can they rekindle their former passion?


When Annabelle falls in lust with Kaden, the gorgeous handyman she hired, she is on the point of sharing her home with him; but there is one test to pass before they can become a couple. Kaden has built a woodshed in the garden, and today Annabelle will visit it for the first time. Can she be sure life as a submissive is for her?


Amelia lives a pristine life. It takes twin brothers, who tormented her at school, and are now hunky policemen, to shatter her sterile world and introduce her to every sexual pleasure imaginable!


Haupsturmfurher Faber is no stranger to sexual liaisons in alleyways with willing young men, but there is something about his latest boy, Dieter. His admiration for the Sicherhitzdienst and its uniform lingers in both men’s memories long after their brief encounter.

A PARTY FOR THREE by Breanna Hayse

Zoe and Jordan’s relationship seems to be heading for the rocks as Marine Jordan is deployed, yet again, on Zoe’s birthday. Zoe is concerned that, since Jordan returned from his last time in the field, his interest in sex has bombed! Zoe’s lesbian friend, Penny, has a plan to help – a two girl, one guy threesome!

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29 thoughts on “Uniform Desire, a Very Hot Erotic Collection

    1. Thanks, Shey, you probably know the movie it refers to. 😉 I feared the title might be too ridiculous, but the editors kept it and I’m so glad you like it. The story is slightly humorous so I think it fits. xxxxxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Well, sometimes simplest is best. I hand out working titles to books and out of six books 3 have the working title. It wasn’t that I couldn’t think of something else. It was that as I went on, I thought that’s the story frankly, so why change it? And also in one instance I thought for all it’s plain, it actually raises questions. Your title does that too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


            1. Yes, it’s funny how sometimes a working title or even a placeholder title becomes the real title. I almost went that route with Ariella’s Escape. The whole time I was writing it, I was calling it Palace Slave and Warrior Maiden but that was a little too literal. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

              Liked by 1 person

      1. It was indeed, Ms S. It seems that Svet was attracted to any chap in any kind of uniform, even me as a plumber. That I lacked good looks and a hairy chest proved to be my Achilles Heel. I suggested to her that I could wear a chest wig yet she was having none of it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well there I was thinking, ‘I’m sure I’ve replied to this comment from Ms. S’. Upon checking it seems I had, only under a false identity! Upon reflection, I recall that last evening His Lordship purloined my PC to assist in some massive upload he was doing that slowed down the broadband to a snail’s pace. Ever the concerned soul he lent me his iPhone in case I wanted to check out WP. ‘It’s best if you roam’ his suggestion. And roam it appears I’ve done. How I got from my emails to marry his blog I’ll likely not know until he surfaces a little later. In the meantime, it will now become clear to one and all as to exactly why Svetlana left me for a Lion tamer in Budapest!

        Liked by 1 person

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