Glamorous Mystery: Nine Black Lives by Resa McConaghy

Nicky Faime is a Hollywood leading man who can’t help being ridiculously good-looking. He lives in a gilded cage and seemingly his every move is watched by his capable assistant, his security team, and his hard-working chef. But the suspicious death of Lucille Brookers, a costume designer who had worked on the movie that launched Nicky’s career many years ago, motivates Nicky to seek the answers to the mystery.


You wouldn’t think a spoiled movie star who has everything (at least in terms of material possessions) would be a sympathetic character, but he is! Maybe it’s because he’s not satisfied with resting on his laurels. Not content with playing a detective in the movies, Nicky wants to solve a real murder mystery because he truly cares about putting Lucille’s killer behind bars.

However, Lieutenant Lightfoot, the real-life detective on the case is hardly thrilled to have an amateur dabbling in his affairs. This makes for a funny reluctant partnership between a real police detective and an actor who turns out to be a surprisingly good sleuth. They discover that the victim had met with a devoted Nicky fan known by her online handle of Nickynight. Aside from the possibly crazed fan, clues also point to members of the cast and crew working on Nicky’s current movie. Then there’s also Lucille’s husband and his suspicious actions…

Meanwhile, Nicky’s girlfriend tries to entrap him by getting “accidentally” pregnant, and a much more dangerous woman is stalking him with sinister intentions. And is the person who killed Lucille now targeting Nicky as well?

Resa McConaghy has worked in the film industry as a costume designer, and her knowledge of the inner workings of the movie world makes this novel come to life. Told in the sardonic voice of a hard-boiled detective novel and filled with quirky humour and authentic detail, this glamorous mystery is a must-read!

The novel is available to download for free at

Resa mcConaghyAside from writing mystery novels, Resa McConaghy also runs the Graffiti Lux and Murals blog where she displays graffiti and murals from Canada and around the world. When not hunting for graffiti, she designs beautiful Art Gowns to help various charities. The Art Gown blog can be seen here. And last but not least there’s her Queen’s End blog which is all about Resa’s books and other literary treats.
I feel really lucky to know Resa. She’s a fun, daring, and creative person with so many different passions and talents. Check out her book and her blogs… and enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Glamorous Mystery: Nine Black Lives by Resa McConaghy

    1. Oh Christy! That makes me so very happy! 😀 The whole dinner party made me feel like…. well …an Agatha Christie novel, or a Poirot, you know how they gather all of the suspects up in one place so the suspects can suspect each other. I love that!

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      1. You just may have whetted her appetite with your great review, though; with all this women does I think she’d have to give up sleeping to fit more in… 😀
        Yet; I wouldn’t put anything beyond her… 😉 😉
        She is a marvel… 🙂

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  1. Reblogged this on Queen's end and commented:
    Carolee, I adore this review! You said a lot about the story, but did not spoil anything. Music to my ears, 🎵🎵🎵 Thank you, thank you! Hearts and unicorns for you! ❤️ & 🦄

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  2. Thank you so very much, Carolee! ❤️🌹! This is a wonderful review, and I was so awed last night that words escaped me. I think a nice thank you is a bouquet of flowers. I’ve got a graffiti bouquet going up later today or tomorrow. They are gorgeous and they will be for you. Thank ever so much, dear Carolee! ❤ xoxoxo

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