16 thoughts on “Ariella’s Nemesis Cover Reveal

    1. Haha, indeed Mike, she’s really come into her own by book 3, so she doesn’t tolerate any bull***t. I’m glad I found this model. There are quite a few warrior women photos out there, but not many that look like they could really kick butt.
      Anyway, I’m enjoying the holidays after a bit of a writing marathon. How are you doing? I’m glad you’re back from your hiatus. Have you been time traveling to the 1920s again? 😉

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      1. My dear wife lives in warrior mode thus I understand where your character is coming from! It is a tad odd to be back, yet the eye issue posed a difficult problem and then I got into writing a very long ‘thing’ that is, probably, the strangest heap of words I’ve ever put together. And yes, I still time travel to Paris twixt the two wars, even shared a couple of beers with Hemingway just the other day. He made mention of the fact that in his opinion my writing is rubbish.


          1. A truth if ever there was one. My own dear wife when not pumping iron insists we arm wrestle. I am yet to win. I do believe that Fitztgerald was taken with my new words when we last met in Monmartre just the other day, however both his wife Zelda (in drink, per usual) and Gertrude Stein, independent of each other made it known to one and all that it would likely be for the best that I don’t give up the day job!

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