Ariella’s Nemesis is here…

This is the final book in the trilogy with a wonderful HEA!

Ariella's Nemesis Caro_c_ebookThe final battle. Destinies will be revealed. Love will triumph or destroy. Ariella journeys into the heart of the old empire, backed by thousands of troops.

But her love for Demetrius only brings her pain and self-hatred. While she yearns for his irresistible body, she can’t forgive him the suffering caused by their forbidden passion. Her obsession with winning back the kingdom and taking revenge on Queen Esclairmonde is a good distraction, and she drowns her sorrows in bloody battles.

Determined to reclaim her heart, Demetrius refuses to share her bed unless he can win her forgiveness. Just as there is a chance for reconciliation, the fortunes of war take Demetrius away from his lover and into the clutches of his worst enemy.

As the final battle begins, Ariella will have to choose… her destiny to rule the empire, or her love.

Grab your copy of Ariella’s Nemesis on, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, or Amazon Australia.

8 thoughts on “Ariella’s Nemesis is here…

  1. I’m thrilled! I need more reading time. It seems most of my eye/mind time is for sewing gowns. I’ll be promoting this and Shey’s new book on my next Art Gowns post. It will be an update post, not a new gown post. I’ll do it as a follow up to the last post’s books from you guys. I’ve got 1 sketch ready to go, and just need to finish one more. If it’s okay be you? xx

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        1. Shey, I can barely keep up with you and Carolee. You write faster than I sew. As I commented on this post, both of your new books will be promo’d next AG post. 1more sketch to finish!

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