I’m Alive! New Contemporary Romance Webnovel…

I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m back! I’ve been working on a romance novel for Jianlai Global, an international publisher, and now the first few chapters are published live on the Webnovel site and app.

billionaires-runaway-bride-coverThe Billionaire’s Runaway Bride is a dramatic and funny contemporary romance.

Emily Danzi has been stalked by a deranged man for most of her adult life. She thought she had left him behind when she moved to the west coast of Canada, but one rainy night, he catches up with her. Emily finds a temporary solution by having a complete stranger pose as her boyfriend.

Byron Pomeroy, the man who was about to end his own life by jumping off a bridge scares off her pursuer but brings complications when she learns how deeply troubled he is, despite his enormous wealth. Emily wants to help him in return, but she must contend with Byron’s domineering mother and a devious journalist who wants Byron for herself and will destroy the reputation of anyone who gets in her way.

You can read the first ten chapters of the new story here for free.  

More to come soon…

Must-Read YA Fantasy Romance Books Coming this Spring

Think you may be getting too old to read Young Adult fiction? Think again! These fast-paced, romantic, and imaginative books are meant for everyone to enjoy. It’s no wonder YA is one of today’s hottest genres. These six YA fantasy romance books are the cream of the crop this spring for their originality and page-turning suspense. Escape into beautiful, scary, and mesmerizing fantasy worlds while falling in love with youthful romance all over again.

Through the White Wood by Jessica Leake

through_the_white_woodKatya has the power to freeze whatever she touches, and her gift becomes dangerous to people around her. Just when she thinks the prince of the land is going to punish her, he offers her support. If their powers are united, they may be able to face the elemental magic army that threatens their kingdom.

A timeless story of believing in yourself as Katya takes the journey from outcast to hero, this is sure to resonate with many readers.

Why it’s a Must-Read: If you have ever dreamed of a YA version of Disney’s Frozen, this book is for you.

Finale (Caraval #3)

finale-caravalTwists and turns abound in the treacherous world of Caraval, created by a mysterious man known only as Legend. Scarlett and Donatella are two sisters embroiled in a magical game that tests their resolve, breaks their hearts, and pushes the limits of their sanity. Can Scarlett and Tella find their happy-ever-afters when the two men in their lives are players and maybe even masterminds in the ruthless game of Caraval? If you are not familiar with the Caraval series, it’s a good idea to start with Book 1 for an introduction to its opulent and glamorous world.

Why it’s a Must-Read: The alluring world of Caraval with its enchanted dresses, secret passages, and deadly potions is unlike anything else you’ve experienced before.

Bloodleaf (Bloodleaf #1) by Crystal Smith

bloodleafAurelia is a princess who flees to another kingdom disguised as a commoner.

With some inspiration drawn from historical sources and some from fairy tale, Bloodleaf beckons the reader into land where innocent women are executed on suspicion of witchcraft, and danger threatens the princess at every turn—that is, when she’s not swooning over a man she is forbidden to marry.

Why it’s a Must-Read: It has just the right balance of page-turning action and romance.

Once & Future (Once & Future #1) by Amy Rose Capetta, Cori McCarthy

The tale of King Arthur and Merlin has never been told quite like this before. What if Ari (Arthur) were a girl fleeing a ruthless corporation and stumbling upon the magical sword Excalibur? What if Merlin the wizard was a surly teenager?

This book not only breathes new life into the legend with a sci-fi twist but also introduces racially diverse and gender-variant characters.

Why it’s a Must-Read: The legend of King Arthur is about to get an LGBTQ spin.

Wicked Saints (Something Dark and Holy #1) by Emily A. Duncan

In a dark and dangerous world where the gods are very real, a girl who has the power to speak with all the deities must go on a quest to restore people’s faith after her monastery is destroyed. Throw in a blood mage and a tortured prince for an extraordinary tale of forbidden love.

Why it’s a Must-Read: Complex characters fighting to survive in a cruel, gothic world? Yes, please!

Sky Without Stars (System Divine #1) by Jessica Brody, Joanne Rendell

The guardian of an underground library, a street-wise thief, and an officer in an oppressive regime are about to find their destinies intertwined in this imaginative take on Les Misérables. Set on a cloud-shrouded planet where the wicked elite triumph over the destitute masses, Sky Without Stars is a gritty, violent story of love and rebellion.

Why it’s a Must-Read: Who can resist a good old fashioned tale of revolution in a cool new setting?

Ariella’s Nemesis is here…

This is the final book in the trilogy with a wonderful HEA!

Ariella's Nemesis Caro_c_ebookThe final battle. Destinies will be revealed. Love will triumph or destroy. Ariella journeys into the heart of the old empire, backed by thousands of troops.

But her love for Demetrius only brings her pain and self-hatred. While she yearns for his irresistible body, she can’t forgive him the suffering caused by their forbidden passion. Her obsession with winning back the kingdom and taking revenge on Queen Esclairmonde is a good distraction, and she drowns her sorrows in bloody battles.

Determined to reclaim her heart, Demetrius refuses to share her bed unless he can win her forgiveness. Just as there is a chance for reconciliation, the fortunes of war take Demetrius away from his lover and into the clutches of his worst enemy.

As the final battle begins, Ariella will have to choose… her destiny to rule the empire, or her love.

Grab your copy of Ariella’s Nemesis on Amazon.com, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, or Amazon Australia.

Alessandro (The Greyhounds of Sorrento #2) #Paranormal #Romance

Alessandro is now available for just $0.99 on Amazon! Alessandro’s story picks up just after Desi and Julia’s whirlwind romance, and of course, you’ll get a chance to see how the original couple is doing as they are still very much a part of the ongoing story.


“This was the greatest fail in the history of fails: a true love’s kiss fail!”

Liliana (Lili) Rossi is an aspiring artist who is also a wizard, wielder of the Rainbow Wand. It was supposed to be the best summer ever for Lili as she has discovered that she’s a wizard, and she’s staying with her cousin Juilia and the two greyhound shifter brothers Desi and Alessandro in beautiful Sorrento, Italy.

The only problem is, Lili still has a crush on Alessandro, while the playboy Italian greyhound shifter gallivants around town surrounded by his harem of women and treats Lili like his baby sister.

To make him jealous, Lili starts dating an artist named Silvestro. But she’s not the only one playing mind games, and she soon realizes she might be in over her head.

To make matters worse, Lili kisses Alessandro, but fails to break his greyhound curse. Of course, that’s nothing that can’t be solved with a quick memory wipe…

But a greyhound is nothing if not loyal, and Alessandro is not about to abandon Lili as she faces a mysterious and dangerous opponent. If they can survive this danger, maybe they could even overcome a failed true love’s kiss.

This paranormal romance novella is part of a series, but each story in the series can be read as a standalone.

Find Alessandro on Goodreads, Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, and Amazon Australia.

Makeover! And a free book

The books in the Stars at Zenith series have beautiful new covers, thanks to Oliviaprodesign (on Fiverr). Because even a warrior baroness needs a makeover once in a while…

3d_ (1).jpg

They tell a story that reflects the heroine’s attitude through the series. The first one is like “Something is coming at me… I’m not sure what it is, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to kick its butt.”


This second one is like “I’m fighting mad, and I’m definitely going to kick butt.”

Book 3 coming soon!

To celebrate, Ariella’s Escape is totally FREE August 29th and 30thGrab your copy on Amazon USAmazon Canada, Amazon UK, or Amazon Australia

Soundtrack of the Greyhounds #paranormal #romance #booksoundtrack

This playlist goes with my story Desi (The Greyhounds of Sorrento #1).

Like the story, it’s a little bit funny, cute and very romantic. There’s lots of Italian flavor with Innamorata, which is the song Julia hears when she first encounters the mystery man. Raffaella Carra reminds me of an early Madonna. She’s usually quite the saucy temptress (for the 70s), but in this video she shows a more romantic side.

Then there’s a very spunky rendition of Mambo Italiano sung by Bette Midler.

Aside from being a great song, it fits with the story because Julia returns to Italy after a long time away. And she finds certain things a bit strange, like magical greyhounds running around. Talk about culture shock.

There are hundreds of versions of this classic song, but my favorite cover of I Put a Spell on You by Bet. e & Stef conveys a sense of the sorcery and the romance!

If you’re into house music… there’s a song called Greyhound, so I had to put it in.

I Still Believe, because sometimes believing in love can be the hardest thing to do, especially for my heroine who is so logical.

And of course, because the heroine is a scientist, “She Blinded me with Science.”

I hope you enjoyed the music! Find Desi on  GoodreadsAmazon USAmazon UKAmazon Canada

Desi (The Greyhounds of Sorrento #1) #Paranormal #Romance

Caro_c_2 FinalDesi is out today! I hope you enjoy the story of a cute greyhound shifter who is also a sexy Italian restauranteur.

Here’s a short excerpt from this exciting new series…

It was only on my way back from the kitchen that I saw through a partial view of the living room that there was a naked man sleeping on the couch. The curtains were drawn, but I could see the outline of his body in the darkness.

Needless to say, I was startled. I must have screamed quite loudly because the next thing I knew, the guy woke up, just as startled at seeing me as I was seeing him, and sat up on the couch, rubbing his face and peering at me in confusion as if I was the one who had invaded his house.

“Stay back, I have a cup of boiling hot coffee here,” I improvised, though I was merely holding a mug filled with water.

He looked really strong, and in case he was some kind of pervert, I was mentally debating trying to find a better weapon, but when he stopped rubbing his eyes and I could see his face, I realized it was the motorcycle guy. I didn’t feel safe exactly, but now my heart didn’t race as much, and my brain rubbed its metaphorical hands together in anticipation, ready to finally piece together the mystery.

“Hey, I was just sleeping here,” he said. As if that helped clarify things.

He held one hand out defensively, while he grabbed a cushion with the other and covered up his private parts. Not that I could see them in the darkness. Not that I was curious or anything…

“My name is Desi,” he said, “and I’ll explain everything.”

“Desi like the greyhound?” I queried.

“Uh… yes, like the greyhound. I was a friend of your uncle’s, and there’s no need to be nervous. Look, I think we could all use some coffee and some breakfast.”

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Cover Reveal: The Greyhounds of Sorrento

“Mr. Greyhound will see you now.”

Actually my new book has little or nothing to do with 50 Shades of Grey, but I’ve always wanted to say that. I love greyhounds, I love romance, so I wrote a romance book with a greyhound in it.

I’ve wanted to write about a cute rather than scary animal shifter for quite a long time, as I mentioned in a previous post, and at last here it is…

Caro_c_2 Final

Julia Rossi is a woman of reason. A scientist. Someone who doesn’t take things on faith. When she inherits a house in Sorrento, Italy from an uncle she barely knew, Julia does not actually believe that her uncle was a wizard and that she is the successor to his magical legacy.

Be that as it may, she enjoys a good brain-teaser, and the house comes with a host of supernatural secrets, including a cuddly Italian greyhound who mysteriously vanishes.

Julia starts to realize that she must protect the powerful magic bequeathed to her, though she still doesn’t believe that the incredibly gorgeous motorcycle rider who rescued her from being kidnapped by gangsters is actually a cute little werehound.

Coming June 15… Now available for pre-order on Amazon. Click here to get your copy on Amazon.com.

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