São Paulo, from Carolee

The lady or the tiger? Why choose when you can have both! And some beautiful hummingbirds too… Many thanks to Resa for posting my final collection of graffiti and street art photos from Brazil.

Graffiti Lux and Murals

Perhaps these 2 hummingbirds are on love? Well I’m in love with them!

Photo @ Carolee Croft

The previous São Paulo post had hummingbirds, as well. However, they are different paintings that appear to be by the same artist.

Photo © Carolee Croft

Luv, luv this bit!

Photo © Carolee Croft

Below is a piece from a globally famous street artist, Eduardo Kobra.

Artist: Kobra – Photo © Carolee Croft

I adore the humor revealed in the series of photos Carolee took of this apparent King.

Artist: Paulo Ito – Photo © Carolee Croft

Brazilian artist Paulo Ito s very political with his work. A mural he did of a starving child eating a soccer ball during the The World Cup went viral. Click on the pic below to read a news article on it!

Artist: Paulo Ito – Photo © Carolee Croft

Carolee says: “Also, in the picture of the…

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Ariella’s Rebellion is out today…

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Whether you’re celebrating with your special someone or with friends and family, or not celebrating at all, I hope you have a fabulous day.

Ariella’s Rebellion is now available on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Australia, and all other Amazon stores.


Ariella’s Escape, a 6-sword review by Resa McConaghy

Resa McConaghy, author of the novel Nine Black Lives and designer of amazing art gowns has written this review of Ariella’s Escape, which is definitely worth a reblog…

Queen's end


*Fiction – Adventure – Adult *   Pages – 171 – Release – 2017

From the very beginning I was captivated by Ariella, Baroness of Leduryon.
Strong women are very much touted in today’s world, and this capable heroine of an imagined yesterday is a fierce warrior on the field, and a fierce lover in bed.

Sent on a diplomatic mission to Chaldea by Queen Esclairmonde of Dezearre, Ariella is a classy ambassador with a mighty sword. Upon her arrival, Ariella is greeted with a gift from King Acheron. His name is Demetrius. His handsome face, and fantastic body are outshone only by his pulsating and loving desire for Ariella. He is hers for the three nights of her visit.

Unfortunately, tragedy strikes after the first evening’s delicious encounter. After Ariella and Demetrius’  first passionate tryst together, diplomacy comes to an abrupt halt. Ariella and Demetrius are forced…

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An Epic 17th Century Brawl

My story Belinda’s Revenge is a kind of sequel to the classic poem “The Rape of the Lock,” in which a gentleman steals a lady’s lock of hair, causing an epic/comedic chain of events.

One of my favorite parts of “The Rape of the Lock” was Belinda’s all-out brawl with her enemy and love interest, the baron. First of all, knowing that women were considered the weaker sex in those times, I was thrilled and surprised that a proper 17th century lady should resort to physical violence. rape of the lock 1

This was not something you usually encounter in classic literature!

Also, I’m sure you will agree there is nothing more hilarious than a bunch of perfectly coiffed 17th century courtiers dressed in corsets and hoop skirts fighting each other in a huge melee. This is how Alexander Pope describes it:

To Arms, to Arms! the fierce Virago cries,
And swift as Lightning to the Combate flies.
All side in Parties, and begin th’ Attack;
Fans clap, Silks russle, and tough Whalebones crack…
No common Weapons in their Hands are found,
Like Gods they fight, nor dread a mortal Wound.

greek gods fighting

I just love Alexander Pope’s sense of humor as he compares the ‘battle’ of the dressed up courtiers to Homer’s epic story of ancient Greek gods.

On top of mocking the customs of his time, Pope also intended the poem to be a parody of ancient Greek epics like the Odyssey and the Iliad. At one point, when Belinda demands her lock of hair back, her monologue refelcts Achilles’ speech over the body of his slain friend Patroclus.

In my story “Belinda’s Revenge” I definitely wanted to bring out the comedic side of the ‘battle’, but also to accentuate the sexual tension between Belinda and the baron, as in this excerpt:

Suddenly everyone was joining in the fray, some gentlemen and ladies siding with me, some with the baron. Fashionable mottled canes were used to snare and trip opponents. Snuff erupted into the air like volcanic ash. Biscuits flew. Coffee splashed. Some lady slapped me with her fan, disarranging my hair, but I pushed her out of the way with the full force of my fury. I made my way to the baron through the sea of satin and lace.

A new idea came to mind: I took out my snuffbox and blew the powder in the baron’s face. Victory! He sneezed uncontrollably, rendered vulnerable for a moment. I launched myself at him like a wild tigress, trying to wrest the lock from his hand. He fell to the ground, unprepared for such an assault, but he laughed, enjoying our tussle. To be honest, I found myself enjoying it too. I had never been so close to him, and when we were rolling on the ground in each other’s embrace in such fierce contention, it felt somehow pleasurable. The heat of the battle excited me, bringing a flush of colour back into my cheeks, and another sort of excitement which I had never felt before welled up in my bosom.

Did this 17th century brawl pique your interest? Please click here to check out “Belinda’s Revenge” on Amazon.com.

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Belinda’s Revenge New Cover

belinda's revenge.jpgBelinda’s Revenge was the first romance/erotic story I ever wrote and possibly the most kinky one!

While some authors prefer to focus only on one type of erotic trope, I like to mix it up. So while In the Vampire’s Lair was about a Male Dominant, Belinda’s Revenge is all about a Female Dominant personality.

Belinda is one of my naughtiest heroines. She kidnaps a gentleman so she can take revenge, and you won’t believe the things she does to him. But despite all of that, maybe they can find love in the end…

This is another re-release of a story that was previously published by New Concepts Publishing. I designed the new cover myself using Canva.com.

To buy Belinda’s Revenge…

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Ariella’s Rebellion Cover Reveal

Here’s a sneak peek at the second book in the Stars at Zenith Trilogy, which will be out February 14th.

Ariella's Rebellion 3D Image of Book Cover.png

Demetrius and Ariella’s story continues…

Ariella faces off with Demetrius’ fiancee, the volatile Duchess Edoline. Although Demetrius goes to great lengths to make Ariella feel welcome while she recovers from her wound, his mother, the queen of Sylcadia, plots to remove the unruly warrior woman from her royal palace.

But while Demetrius is in danger from struggling with his own demons, Ariella knows she can save him, even if it means risking the queen’s wrath and never seeing him again.

She flees the royal palace to the anonymous world of the border lands.

Concealing her identity, she must prove herself in the brutal world of robbers and nomadic tribesmen, forging new alliances while her old friends try to find her and Demetrius learns the truth about why she left.

Revenge is the only thing on her mind, but love won’t let her go.

Ariella’s Rebellion is now available for pre-order on Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Australia, and all other Amazon stores.