In the Vampire’s Lair

Her boss is a vampire, but a girl’s got to make a living…

Liv Fairhaven is intrigued by working for a man who calls himself Dameon, Lord of Darkness. He says he is a vampire, and he fits the profile with his long, dark hair and his gothic style, but to Liv he seems just an ‘adorkable’ guy…

When she realizes that Dameon really does have supernatural powers, it is too late to back out as she is seduced by his dominant personality.

This story is for readers who are 18+ only.

Still, Liv was suddenly nervous when she rang the doorbell; she grew even more nervous on seeing Dameon’s reaction. At first, he seemed turned on, but all of a sudden his expression changed to a most gothic scowl.
“How dare you come in here in that maid’s uniform?” he cried.
“Last time I checked, I was a maid,” Liv protested with false innocence. “And it’s Halloween.”
“A silly holiday,” he scoffed, “in which people foolishly try to provoke the powers of darkness, just as you are provoking me.”
So it was working. Liv felt her heartbeat suddenly race. This was it. She had either made him angry or horny, and soon she would find out which.
“Do you realize what kind of effect this maid’s dress has on me?” he asked.
He came closer to her, and now the back of his hand lightly touched her hip. It wasn’t exactly a forbidden zone, but his light, teasing touch gave her the shivers.
Then he quickly spun away and walked into one of the guest bedrooms, the ones with the never-used beds.
“Get in here. Hurry up,” he said in a no-nonsense tone.
She walked into the bedroom, slightly wobbly on the carpet in her three-inch heels. Dameon stood there smouldering with sexiness, his arms folded on his chest.
“Now, put your hands up against that wall,” he commanded.
“What are you going to do?” Liv asked.
“I’m going to punish you for being saucy, obviously,” he said.
Liv decided to play along. It seemed he had something kinky in mind. She faced the wall, raising her hands above her head and putting them together as if she was tied up, arching her back in a provocative way.
“Hmm… yes, I like that,” Dameon said. “Now hold perfectly still.”
He caressed her buttocks over the fabric of the tiny skirt. A sharp spank followed.
“Oh,” she cried. She had expected something like this, but it was still a shock. It was also pretty damn sexy.
“Wouldn’t you say you deserve a little spanking?” he asked.
“Yes,” Liv said.
She had never been spanked before, and suddenly she wanted it so badly, just because he would be the one to do it.
“You have to say ‘yes sir,’” he corrected.
“Yes sir,” she pronounced. “Please spank me, sir.”
He lifted up her skirt and slid her panties down her legs. Then he removed her skirt, letting the discarded clothing lie on the floor at her feet.
He began to spank her bare bottom, lightly at first. He worked his way up to harder strokes that made her yelp and sent her flesh quivering. Her skin felt the sting of each slap, but what she felt most of all was a burning desire. The pain only excited her more each time.

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